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Tameika McPhaul is a fashion lover, a lifestyle expert, stylist and blogger. She is someone who has a love for embellishing the modern women with a personal sense of style and self confidence. As a Philadelphia native, Tameika McPhaul began her humble journey as a recipient of the “Dress for Success” going places program. The program was so monumental for her that she was asked to become a consultant for the Dress for Success workshops where she taught and hosted seminars.The opportunities highlighted her talent for educating and styling women which catalyzed her leap into becoming a brand ambassador for beauty, lifestyle, and fashion for a reputable cooperation. During her tenor at DFS, she took notice of the dire need for accessible, affordable, and practical styling tips, thus “Ms. Meiko” style blog was born. Ms. Meiko style is more than a blog, it’s a one stop shop for learning your personal style and increasing your self confidence, while using what you may already have in your own closet and not breaking the bank. Tameika is a classy women and knows who she is in Christ. When asked where she buys her elegant pieces, she usually reveals that they are bought from a second hand shop, which usually seems unbelievable; Thus the inception and launch of the “Vintage Vault”, an online shop curated with hand picked and “Pre-loved” items that are show-cased and sold for a fraction of the retail cost.


Ms Meiko lifestyle

The Ms Meiko lifestyle brand quickly caught the attention of notable brands, such Nordstroms, The Huffington Post, Tadashi Shoji, Elizabeth Arden, Fashion Bomb Daily, Dr. Oz and more in which she has been featured for her styling expertise. With over ten thousand followers on instagram, the magic of Tameika’s transformations soon spread into other lifestyle areas of interests such as home makeovers, where she sought after for her ability to transform and stage home living spaces into total serenity “on a budget”. Tameika shared these and other lifestyle tips and ideas on her YouTube channel which caught the attention that lead to her be asked to host a segment on PHL17 Morning News in Philadelphia. With much success Tameika is now their lifestyle expert for the show.

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