Spring has Sprung

spring into a new you

Swap your wardrobe

Transition some of your winter clothes out of the draws and closet and make space to transition the lighter spring pieces in. Keep some of your long sleeve pieces on hand for some of the brisks days that will still pop up until we actually roll into more of the later months headed towards May were will see more warmer temps here on the each coast. If your out west or south you may hit your warmer tempts alot sooner.

Stop and smell the roses

Spring blooms…This is such a fugitive of speech. Really, add a touch of beautiful pops of color around the house to bring in some to the spring pastel color. This will also make you space look and smell amazing.

Brunch with friends and family

With day light savings springing us forward with more daylight we now have more time to hang out with and and family for more laughs and meals. Check out some of those restaurants with the sidewalk dining to soak up some the beautiful sunny skies.

Keep you diet balanced

Say goodbye to the heavy winter meals.  Oftentimes, we don’t take enough time to eat or properly prepare our meal due to our crazy work schedules. I know this all to well and fell victim to it due to my unorganized work schedule. But there is always room for improvement, right? Right. Usually we think that following a healthy, balanced diet is the same as following a strict diet of eating mostly salads and tasteless meals. But there are a wide variety of healthy recipes that bring color and fun to eating. Give it a try

Take your tote to get some fresh fruits and veggies

Dedicate time for yourself

You need time for YOU, a time to rest, a time to disconnect, and a time to feel good about yourself. One of the pillars for our health is self-esteem and it motivates everything we do. Find new goals and reward yourself when you reach them. And never forget to smile – it will make you, and others around you, feel better.

Thank you for stopping by…
Until next time be chic and fashionably fabulous

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