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For the past 10 years during the month of January I start my year off with a spiritual cleanse. This time allows me to pause, get clarity of my new year and spend quiet time with God. When I first started this journey many years ago it was extremely tough getting through the cleansing of my body by sacrificing ¬†eating meat. But over the years it has gotten much better. I’ve even gotten my children and husband involved with committing to sacrifice a daily habit for God for 21 days. This may not by something you may want to try due to your own religious beliefs but you can create something ¬†different to pause an refresh for the New Year.

Create a 21 day schedule

Write out what you would like to accomplish in these days. You can create a list of what you would like to remove or delete in the next 21 days.

put yourself on your calendar

I know your familiar with a honey-do-list. Well, now its your time to make YOURSELFIE to-do-list. Put on your list all of the things you neglect to do while you’re taking care of all of the family business.

healty eating choices

This is definitely a tough one to do after all of the holiday events and eating last month. But its a great time to detox from it all. Start small, don’t overwhelm ourself by going hard and taking meat out of your diet like me. Try cutting back on sugar drinks, caffeine, sweets or eating out. Definitely try incorporating more Water into your 21 days.

write out your 2018 story…

What does your 2018 look like…you hold the pen to your story and the plans. Start with a vision board, or create a list of attainable goals. And remember to celebrate yourself now matter how big or small that goal is.


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Until Next Time Lovelies

Live Life on Purpose

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