Casual Chic

casual chic day with a pop of color


Many of you that know me or have followed me for some time now have seen me rock my BLACK a lot. I wasn’t always a fan of the color BLACK but I grew to love it after years of working in the beauty and salon industry. It was the must have uniform color to wear. Many find it dark and dreary but I find BLACK to be very sexy on a woman. lol

As the Spring and Summer months arrive I do love to come out of the BLACK and leave it more for Fall and Winter. (It will be back lol)

But for now I’m going to switch it up a bit by adding  POPS of color to my wardrobe.

This Casual Chic look is so simple and comfy for running errands, lunch date with hubby or your girlfriends , kids games or more.

Lucky Brand shorts that were distressed by me

Top/ or worm as a kimomo/ or as a dress is a thrifted find for $6.99.

-Fashion can be found anywhere-

Express Black Lace up comfy sandals (last year but similar here )

Pearls can be worn day or night, casual or dressy…No Rules

More colorful Spring and Summer looks to come…

Thank you for joining me for this weeks Fashion Fix

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