Drugstore Beauty Finds & Fav Haul

Drugstore Beauty Find & Favs



Drug stores can be hidden little gems when it comes to finding beauty products from hair care, beauty/makeup, nail polish, face body products, magazines and much much more. Now and days we’re not just limited to drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid, we can now shop for these finds a Target and Walmart. Department stores may carry well known beauty names but many of them come with a pretty big hefty price tags also. I’ve found a happy medium having both light and low products.

Let me share my fav with you…


You don’t have to bust a big budget on beauty cosmetics that you find at big department stores. Especially if your unsure of what to buy or what shade it perfect for you. Most drugstores will allow you to return your purchase if it doesn’t work for you. So next time your in there give it at shot. I’ve personally have tried many big brand names such as MAC, Nars to name a few but I come to love this brand for my every day work look. And I’ll save the other brands for days when I want to really Glam it up.

Shade| Truly Topaz


                                                  Total Coverage  Foundation        Concealer                  Pefecting Primer


Liquid Foundation | Shade – Truly Topaz




Can I just tell you guys how lovely this makes your skin feel. I’ve tried thousands of different products over the years and I have  never tried anything that made my body feel this silky and smooth. And I love how it makes your skin feel firm as well especially for assisting with the anti- aging effect for your skin.




                                                                 Body Lotion                                                                                                     Body Wash




My twins have turned me into a bit of a hair junkie. I use to be many years ago when I was their age but now I see where they get it from. So now their convincing me to try new things. We stumble upon this brand Maui Moisture as well as Love Beauty and Planet




oh how can I not forget all of my latest issues of my fav magazines…

Thanks for coming along with me for my March Beauty Favs Haul


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