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Spring Trench Coat Styles

Spring is a time were we can transitioning from those big and bulky coats and hats to the lighter coats and adding a touch of brighter colors.


This hunter green trench coat was a thrifted find at my local store for $6.50. It was originally $10 but once I got to the register is was marked down. I loved the classic style and fit, which can be paired with some many looks for the Spring and Fall. I plan to add some gold buttons to this coat to give it a pop.


“PRETTY IN PINK” is the theme of this steal I found in Marshall’s clearance rack for a whopping $12.00. It adds just the right amount of color to any neutral look.


A neutral tan color trench coat is a classic color as well as a traditional look to have in your collection. I found this Tommy Hilfiger trench coat in my local Goodwill for $10.00. When I found the coat the belt was missing from the belt look but that didn’t stop me from purchasing is. Once I got it home and had it cleaned I took the belt loops off and now it looks like it never had any belt loops. Always take your imagination with you to the thrift store.


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