Throwback Chuck “Converse” Taylor and Denim

Denim has been the comfy go to wardrobe essential for many years and many more to come. During my high school years you wouldn’t have found me in anything else but a pair of blue jeans. I wasn’t the girly girl that you seen now lol. My mom couldn’t get me to put on a skirt or a dress outside of going to church. And once it was over I would come out those clothes quickly as possible. Thank God I’ve matured.

If you thought getting me to wear a skirt or dress was hard, you can better believe so was putting on shoes. That was not in my collection either. In high school I ran track and did ballet after school so wearing sneakers was my comfy go to, to comfort my active feet.

Miss “Chuck Taylor”

This classic and timeless sneaker will never go out of style. This brand has been around for many years. I’ve worn them and my children have worn them and my grand babies will wear them too lol.

Due to the wear and tear of the season each year I add a new pair of white converse to my spring and summer wardrobe along with some other casual and sleek sneakers/trainers.

I paired this denim look with Chuck “Converse” Taylor with a thrifted blue Ralph Lauren blazer and a vintage t-shirt I found from Levi’s with the year I was born on it. Oops I just told my age lol.

These are just a few of my comfy chic throwback looks I love to recreate.

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