An inside look of…the making of a new chapter of Motherhood, Marriage and Me….




This new chapter of being a mom is so bitter sweet. My twins turned 18 this past January, went on their senior prom, graduated high school of course lol, and now they’re heading off to Florida to start a new chapter in their own lives. Wow, that was a lot to take in, in these past 8 months. I kind of know what it’s like to have your child leave home for the first time. My son left for college back in 2011 to go to college in Florida as well. I had the Mom blues a tiny bit but I got over it quickly because I still had the twins at home with me so it wasn’t that hard. Now that it’s the twins turn their is no more kids in the house to fall back on. Months leading up to this August I kept having little emotional moments and reminiscing, but I’m getting much better with the thought. I know with each day it will definitely get better. As I look on the bright side of it all, I can take mini weekend getaways to go visit the girls in Miami (whoo hoo).


This will be a new chapter of being a wife with an empty nest of zero children. The hubby and I have been together for 29 years and married for 22 of those years. We got married with a three year old so we don’t know what it’s like to live together as a couple without children in the home. This is definitely going to be a fun and exciting journey with each other. This second chapter of lives we can spend getting to know one another in new ways. First thing on my list to walk freely around the house (if you know what if mean). Second is creating time for date nights. And thirdly, to expose ourselves to TRAVELING and see and experience new customs, culture and countries.


This new chapter is going to be a whole lot of getting back to me. Learning who Tameika is, outside of the titles I’ve had of Mom and wife. If you’re either of these two roles you know as woman we tend to take on a lot and put some things we desire to do on our own to-do-list. We all need a little selfish #selfiecare time in our lives and I’m taking in all into consideration lol. This August marks my eight month of being on a meatless lifestyle journey. So I want to explore more of being a pescetarian and trying out new foods and being more mindful of what I eating. One of my twins has helped me jumpstart the way I’ve been eating because she’s been a pescetarian for the past five years (go figure my 18 year old has been this committed and is teaching me about lifestyle choices, I love it). And my other twin is coaching me along to join her with Yoga. It’s definitely something new and I’ve been open to her sharing with me how to pause, mediated, and stretch with yoga. I couldn’t be more blessed to have my children pour pack into me with living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. I’m open and looking forward to this new challenge. 

My plan is to also pencil myself in on my schedule. My mother in-law called me the other day and said to me, “daughter, I haven’t seen or heard from you in awhile”, and I said to her, “Tameika hasn’t seen herself either” of course she chuckled but it made me think. After I hung up I thought to myself that’s not okay Tameika, you have to do better self care for yourself so you can be more present with family and not work so much. So first things first is to spend more quite time with God and plan out my personal achievements I want to accomplish. This is going to be exciting.



“When you shift your thinking and do things different you get different results”


What are you looking to do more BOLDLY? I’d love to heard what’s new for your next chapter…


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