Give yourself permission…to just be selfish and spend quality time with yourself

When you take the time to love on yourself, you can refill and refresh yourself to love on others.

28 days of self love

Pick a few of these tips or do them all but try some of these tips throughout the month for YOU!

  1. Love starts with…stare at yourself in the mirror and speak empowering words
  2. Put on your favorite shade of lipstick-Try a color you’ve never tried before  
  3. Write yourself a love letter- Open it up at the end of the year and read it
  4. Cook your favorite meal-Be selfish for once without cooking for anyone else
  5. Tell yourself (5) things you love about you
  6. Meditate for 10 minutes a day
  7. Set some attainable goals
  8. Put on a funny movie and laugh
  9. Place some of your favorite quotes around the house
  10. Take yourself on a date
  11. Play some of your favorite songs that make you smile and dance
  12. #Share inspiration quotes w/ (5) people
  13. Make a list of your accomplishments
  14. RELAX…Do nothing
  15. Pick up some of favorite flowers and place them all around your home
  16. Drink more water…eat more fruits
  17. Compliment yourself throughout the day
  18. Learn a new skill…Do something you’ve never done before
  19. Go for a walk
  20. Schedule a message, pedi and mani
  21. Schedule our health care visits you keep putting off by taking care of everyone else
  22. Take some silly selfies
  23. Text and Inspire a friend-It’s ok to spread some love
  24. Create your vision board
  25. Celebrate Yourself – accomplishments you’ve made-Big or Small your did it
  26. Create a list...I and thankful for…
  27. Create your bucket list
  28. Write your 2018 story…can’t nobody tell your story like you can
  29. I hope you take some of these tips and try them out. You can do many of them past February and do more of them throughout the year.

Until next time Lovelies

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